Direct advertising, direct marketing, database marketing

 If you want to win over new clients, you have come to the right address. For each mailing campaign you can use our marketing know how and software, successfully tried a thousand times over, to ensure that your advertising reached the right recipient. EURO-CALCUL identifies the right target groups for you to win new clients.

Clients who use our selection criteria and special software are to be found in all branches of the economy: newspaper and magazine publishers like the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Manager Magazin for contacting new subscribers, car producers like DaimlerChrysler for making new customers, aid organizations like the Red Cross and UNICEF or environmental organizations like Greenpeace for finding new contributors and members, airlines like Air France, KLM, American Airlines and Delta Airlines for their frequent flyer program, mail order firms like Otto for winning over new segments of purchasers all over Europe, banks like Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank 24 AG for launching new investment offers, marketing for credit cards, foreign real estate, wine exporters, lottery tickets, seminars and insurance – there is hardly any product or service which cannot be bought "long distance" by mail.

EURO-CALCUL, S.L. in Andorra are the people to talk about any optimum Europe-wide direct advertising campaign.